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The Fleur Heart can be used to Symbolize Affection, Love, Sympathy, and Emotion. 

How to care for your Hype Fleur Collector? No maintenance is needed. Display this where art is appreciated. 

Disclaimer: This product is made of artificial foam flowers as the basic element to form this design. Please note that foam flowers may fall off during transport. Extra Fleurs are attached to replace fallen Fleurs. 

Product includes: The product, the Gift box pictured (base will be black not white), a Product insert with the above facts, and a personal note of your choice (this should be written during check out in the white box) 


Item will ship closer to Valentines day. In order to ship before Valentines day your order must be placed before Feb 2nd to Guarantee arrival before Feb 14th. If you are picking up please advise that pickups will be located at our pop up on February 12th. 

Location : Get Smoked Apparel
2351 W. North avenue
Time: 1-7pm Pick up 

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